Automatic Shutdown

Available for Pegasus Opera 3 Available for Pegasus Opera II Enterprise

This product will shut down Opera automatically at a given time each day or on a given date and time. A warning message will be displayed to all users prior to shutdown, the warning message and the message interval in minutes before shutdown can be configured in the Automatic Shutdown options. All users can be locked out for a specified interval which can also be set in the Automatic Shutdown options. This product is ideal for companies who need to run exclusive processes at a certain time each day, e.g. backup, security reasons etc.
Please Note: Automatic Shutdown does not apply to the 'ADMIN' user.

Key Features

  • System-wide settings to allow Automatic Shutdown to be scheduled One Time, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
  • Definable time and/or date for Automatic Shutdown
  • Definable warning message and display interval
  • Definable user lock out time

Typical Users

  • System Administrators
  • Companies who need to run exclusive processes at a certain time and/or date

Automatic Shutdown


Automatic Shutdown can be customised to match user's additional requirements.


Automatic Shutdown requires Pegasus Opera System and Toolkit modules.