ProspectSoft CRM to Pegasus Opera CRM


Available for Pegasus Opera 3 Available for Pegasus Opera II Enterprise

This utility will transfer data held in ProspectSoft CRM into Pegasus Opera 3 CRM or Pegasus Opera II CRM. Not all ProspectSoft CRM data elements are catered for but the utility can be enhanced to include additional data elements.

Any bespoke developments in ProspectSoft CRM can also be catered for by having the Data Transfer utility customised, e.g. the customer may have an extra Tab on the Division to hold additional information. The utility can be customised to map these data elements to User Defined fields on the Company Other tab.

The utility currently caters for the following,

  • Companies
    Type, Reference, Address, Phone & Fax, Web Site If Customer, Sales Address, Phone & Fax, Country, Region, Territory, Customer Type, Warehouse, Web Site Reseller Indicator, Key Account
  • Contacts
    Salutation, Title, First Name, Last Name, Site Name, Address, Email Address, Business Telephone, Direct Line, Mobile, Assistant Telephone, Home Telephone, Other Telephone, No Mail Shot, No Bulk Email, Inactive Indicator, Allow Indicator (all off, turned on if populated)
  • Opportunities
    Code, Description, Result, Sales Stage, Actual Closure, Forecasted Closure, Details, Next Chase, Current Owner Further details about what data elements are transferred / updated can be found in the section Data Transfer


ProspectSoft CRM to Pegasus Opera CRM can be customised to match user's additional requirements.