Auto Delete Customers

Available for Pegasus Opera 3 Available for Pegasus Opera II Enterprise

This Product allows customers to be marked as an 'auto-delete' customer from within Sales Processing. Sales Customers can remain inactive for a default number of days before being subject to deletion, as specified in Sales, Utilities, Auto Delete Options. The default setting can be overridden per customer from within Sales Processing. The software comes into effect at End of Period, when the user will be asked if they wish to remove Auto-Delete Customers. If the user replies 'Yes' a report is produced listing all matched customers and the user is given a further option to continue with the deletion of matched customers. If the user replies 'No' standard Opera End of Period resumes.

Key Features

  • Automatic deletion of Sales Customer's after a period of inactivity.

Typical Users

  • Sales Department

Auto Delete Customers


Auto Delete Customers can be customised to match user's additional requirements.


Auto Delete Customers requires Pegasus Opera 3 Sales Ledger and Toolkit modules.