SL & PL Un-Allocate

Available for Pegasus Opera 3 Available for Pegasus Opera II Enterprise

This product will reverse an allocation made in the Sales Ledger or Purchase Ledger. It is easy to use, simply highlight the allocated transaction in the Account View and select Un-Allocate from the Action menu. This product works with Invoices, Credit Notes, Receipts, Payments and Refund transactions in the Sales & Purchase ledgers.

Key Features

  • Works with Sales Ledger & Purchase Ledger
  • Un-Allocates Invoices, Credit Notes, Receipts, Payments and Refunds
  • Easy To Use
  • No Update Data Structures Required

Typical Users

  • Sales Departments
  • Accounts Department
  • Credit Controllers

SL & PL Un-Allocate


SL & PL Un-Allocate can be customised to match user's additional requirements.


SL & PL Un-Allocate requires Pegasus Opera 3 Sales or Purchase modules