Multi-User Picking

Available for Pegasus Opera 3 Available for Pegasus Opera II Enterprise

Multi-User Picking allows SOP Processing users to continue working whilst batch picking is being processed. Users in SOP Processing are prevented from amending an order which is part of the batch picking. The batch picking user can drill down to the Stock Warehouse View with further options to view Stock Transactions, Sales Order Transactions, Purchase Order Transactions, Totals or Memo. An optional picking summary/detailed report can be produced after the batch picking has been completed.

Key Features

  • SOP Processing users can continue to work
  • SOP Processing users are prevented from amending batch picking orders
  • Data extracted by selection criteria
  • Drill down to Stock Warehouse View
  • Free Stock quantity displayed
  • Optional picking summary/detailed report
  • Can be customised to match unique SOP requirements (Quote on request).

Typical Users

  • Busy SOP Processing companies
  • Any company who uses SOP Picking
  • Stock Controllers

Multi-User Picking


Multi-User Picking can be customised to match user's additional requirements.


Multi-User Picking requires Pegasus Opera Sales, SOP and Toolkit modules.