SOP Kitting

Available for Pegasus Opera 3 Available for Pegasus Opera II Enterprise

SOP Kitting for Pegasus Opera allows for a single level of Kitting to be defined and processed through SOP/Invoicing. Within Stock Processing a new action menu item "Kitting" is available which will allow for a single level of Kitting to be defined. A further action item "Calculate" will calculate the standard cost and/or sell price of the stock item from the stock item's component stock items and quantities. When printing any SOP/Invoicing Documents, it will be possible to print a breakdown of the component stock for any Assemblies defined using the "Kitting" option. When a Delivery/Invoice is posted, depending on the SOP/Invoicing 'Update Stock At' setting, for Assemblies which are stocked items, the component(s) of the Assembly will be Issued from stock, sufficient for the Issue quantity of the Assembly; a Stock Receipt will then be posted for the Issue quantity of the Assembly. Standard Opera will Issue the Assembly quantity. For Assemblies which are not stocked, component stock will be issued at Invoice stage.

Key Features

  • Single Level Kitting
  • Print Component Breakdown on Sales Orders

Typical Users

  • Stock Controllers
  • All Pegasus Opera SOP/Invoicing Users

SOP Kitting


SOP Kitting can be customised to match user's additional requirements.


SOP Kitting requires Pegasus Opera Stock, SOP/Invoicing and Toolkit modules.