Automatic Purchase Orders

The Automatic Purchase Orders makes the process of re-ordering stock easy. After an initial

selection criteria screen, the user is presented with a suggested list of all stock items that need to be purchased together with a suggested order quantity. The user can select which items to re-order and what quantity to order simply by marking the item and changing the default order quantity if required.

Stock items that have a "Stocked" profile, Supplier assigned and that have their Re-Order Level & Re-Order Quantity set will be processed. If the Stock Level of an item has fallen below the Re-Order Level after taking into account all existing Purchase Orders and Sales Orders then it will appear on the suggested list.

When the user accepts the list one purchase order is raised for each supplier. The purchase orders can be printed or e-mailed if required.

Automatic Purchase Orders


Automatic Purchase Orders can be tailored to match user's additional requirements.


Automatic Purchase Orders requires Pegasus Opera Stock, Purchase Orders and Toolkit modules.


Available For
Pegasus Opera 3
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