Direct Debits (Bacs)

New Direct Debits (Bacs) is a highly sophisticated module providing Direct Debit facilities for Pegasus Opera. Almost any type of direct debit (DD) can be generated from and collected to the Opera Sales Ledger. Transmissions files are generated which can be used by BACS and BACSTEL-IP. Direct Debits (Bacs) is a well-established product, being used by users of Opera and Opera for the past 15 years. Direct Debits (Bacs) has been designed and written especially for Pegasus Opera. It is the only fully integrated Direct Debit software available for Opera.

Key Features

  • Parameter driven
  • Allows for Direct Debit collection types of
    • Variable Amounts.
    • Fixed Amounts.
    • Mixed Fixed plus Variable Amounts.
    • Payments on Account.
    • Payments by Instalments (Spread Payments).
  • Review and/or amendment of submission list prior to transmission to BACS or BACSTEL-IP.
  • Allows for the easy reversal of uncollected or returned Direct Debits.
  • Full Audit Trail.
  • Optional Automated Direct Debit Instructions (AUDDIS - DDI Mandates).
  • SOP integration for easy generation of Payments by Instalments (Spread Payments).
  • Optional integration with Cash Book and Nominal.
  • User Security and Access via standard Pegasus Opera functionality
  • Can be customised to create virtually any specific DD collection type.

Direct Debits (BACS)


Direct Debits (Bacs) can be customised to match user's additional requirements.


Direct Debits (Bacs) requires Pegasus Opera Sales Ledger and Toolkit modules.

Available For
Pegasus Opera 3
Pegasus Opera 3 SQL

SPM files are not required for Opera 3 v2.92.00 or later.

If you are downloading for Opera 3 prior to v2.92.00, please contact our office.
Please download the SPM files if the Sales Pipeline Management (SPM) Module is in use.

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