Sales Account Rename

Sales Account Rename provides the facility to rename Sales and Purchase Ledger accounts. This can be carried out even if there are outstanding transactions posted to the account. As with all Corrin Products, this software has the same "look and feel" as Pegasus Opera and provides a seamless integration into Pegasus business software.

The option Rename Account within Sales Ledger, Utilities allows an existing account to be searched for and the new reference to be entered.

There is also the facility to rename multiple account codes in one run using the option Import Account Changes. This routine uses a CSV file, which should contain one column listing the old account code and a second column listing the new account code.

A report is produced at the end of the import procedure listing the old account code, the new account code, whether it was updated and if not, the reason for rejection.

Please Note: This product currently does not support Pegasus Document Management.

Sales Account Rename


Sales Account Rename can be customised to match user's additional requirements.


Sales Account Rename requires Pegasus Opera Sales Ledger and Toolkit modules.


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