Six/20 Selling Prices

Six / 20 Selling Prices comes into effect in SOP Processing, by using the Stock Module and the Sales Ledger.

In the Stock Module six additional selling prices can be entered against each Stock Item.

These selling prices can then be entered against customer accounts in the Sales Ledger. These assignments come into effect when processing in SOP. Where a valid quantity is entered for a Sales account, which has a selling price              assigned to it and that selling price is present on the stock file, the selling price will be used for the transaction. A popup window requests confirmation of which selling price should be used, with the option to re-select any of 1 - 6 selling    prices.

Any discounts will still apply and prices can be overwritten. Six Selling Prices now caters for foreign currency accounts.

20 Selling Prices


Six /20 Selling Prices can be customised to match user's additional requirements.


Six / 20 Selling Prices requires Pegasus Opera Sales Ledger, SOP/Invoicing, Stock and Toolkit modules.


Available For
Pegasus Opera 3
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