Multi Stock Transfer

Multi Stock Transfer allows multiple Stock items to be transferred from one warehouse to another, in one simple process. A unique reference is recorded against the transfer, which is included in a report produced for each transfer.

Within Stock, Utilities, Set Options there is a new option, Next Transfer Ref, which allows entry of the next Transfer Reference number. If initially left blank, this will be set to MST0001 on the first transfer.

Within Stock, Maintenance a new field has been added to the Warehouses form to allow entry of the currency to be used for the warehouse. The standard Selling Price may be printed on the Stock Transfer report, converted to the warehouse currency if appropriate.

The new Transfer option found on the main Stock menu allows the user to run a multiple transfer of Stock items.

The user may enter the From and To warehouse codes, the Date and a Comment. The reference is taken from the fore mentioned setting.

The user can also import multi-stock transactions from an XLS sheet, if this file fails validation and is rejected, an            exceptions report can be produced.

Stock Codes can be searched for and Quantities entered for the Multi Stock Transfer.

When all selections have been made, OK updates Stock and a report is printed showing the details of the transfer.

Multi Stock Transfer


Multi Stock Transfer can be tailored to match user's additional requirements.


Multi Stock Transfer requires Pegasus Opera Stock and Toolkit modules.


Available For
Pegasus Opera 3
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